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Radiator Protection PRO KTM / Husqvarna `20-24 year black
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As a basis for this protection, we took our design for motorcycles of the previous model year and made minor improvements according to new changes related to radiators and a resonator (note to 2T).

Present to your attention:

• an all-milled deflector with a variable thickness of 8 to 5 mm, to which the fastening plate to the frame and the side protection element of the lower radiator tank are welded by argon-arc welding.
• the absence of additional structural elements allowed to obtain a record low weight indicator. The weight of the kit is only 950g!
• For the first time in defense, two methods of fastening side plastic are implemented. You can use the standard method of fastening plastic to screws or use the rubber rings included in the package. The latter method will allow you to protect the mounting holes of the plastic from breakage in hard-enduro conditions.
• easy installation of protection. For installation, you do not need to remove anything and drain the coolant. It is enough to unscrew the screws that secure the radiators to the frame and the screws that secure the plastic.

Recommended for sports use and lovers of top-end components!

For motorcycles:
KTM EXC/XC 125, 150, 250, 300 2020-2023
EXC-F/XC-F 250, 350, 450, 500 2020-2023
SX/SX-F 125, 150, 250, 300, 350, 450 2020-2023
Husqvarna TE/TX 125, 250, 300 2020-2023
TC 125, 250, 300 2020-2023
FE 250, 350, 450, 501 2020-2023
FX, FC 250, 350, 450 2020-2023
TBI 2024